Dreaming of a Virtual World

David Baszucki's vision for Roblox began with a dream—a dream of a place where people could build, play, and share games together. 

Birth of DynaBlocks 

In 2004, DynaBlocks laid the foundation for Roblox, offering a glimpse into the platform's future potential 

Becoming Roblox 

The rebranding to Roblox in 2005 signaled a shift towards a more cohesive and immersive virtual world. 

Empowering Creativity 

Roblox's core philosophy was to empower users to create their own worlds and games, fostering a community of creators. 

Growing Community 

Roblox's community grew rapidly, fueled by players' enthusiasm for creating and sharing their virtual creations. 

Introducing Robux 

Roblox introduced Robux, a virtual currency that allowed players to customize their avatars and enhance their gaming experience. 

Embracing New Tech 

Roblox embraced new technologies like VR and AR, offering players immersive experiences. 

Facing Challenges 

Roblox navigated challenges like safety concerns and inappropriate content, prioritizing a safe environment. 

Educational Potential 

Roblox's educational games taught coding, physics, and more, blending fun with learning. 

Epic Events 

Roblox hosted virtual concerts and collaborated with brands, pushing the boundaries of virtual experiences. 

Inspiring Creativity 

Roblox inspired a new generation of creators and entrepreneurs, fostering valuable skills and creativity. 

A Legacy of Innovation

Roblox continues to innovate, with millions of users enjoying its ever-expanding universe of games and experiences.