Legging Legs Trend on Tiktok 

The term "legging legs" circulates on social media, describing the ideal legs for leggings, reminiscent of the harmful "thigh gap" trend from 2013. 

The trend promotes unrealistic body ideals and has been criticized as potentially triggering for those with eating disorders.

Negative Impact on Body Image:

TikTok has banned the term, #legginglegs, acknowledging its potential harm. The platform redirects users to information about eating disorders.

TikTok's Response

Users on TikTok swiftly pushed back, expressing concerns about the trend's potential to encourage eating disorders and body dysmorphia. 

Backlash Against the Trend

Therapist Condemnation 

Therapist Holly Essler strongly condemned the trend, emphasizing the need to resist societal pressures and reject body-shaming trends propagated by social media.

Plus-sized influencer Ashlee Rose Hartley voiced her opposition, garnering widespread support from viewers who rejected the trend's exclusivity.

Influencer Criticism

Impact on Mental Health

Viewers shared emotional responses, with some expressing distress over not conforming to the trend's standards, highlighting the detrimental impact on mental health. 

Critics called for a shift towards body positivity, urging individuals to embrace their bodies .

Call for Body Positivity

TikTok Users' Discourse

TikTok users joined the discourse, emphasizing the potential harm to younger generations of women who may feel excluded or insecure due to such trends.

Concerns About Younger Generations

Users expressed concerns about the influence on younger girls, pointing out the potential damage to self-esteem and body image.