9 Less Known Facts about Draymond Green 

He studied Communications at Michigan State University, showing an interest in fields beyond basketball. 

Draymond was the 35th overall pick in the 2012 NBA draft, a relatively low position considering his future success. 

He comes from a sports-oriented family, with his uncle, Bennie Babers, having played for the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

His nickname, "Day-Day," comes from his childhood, long before his professional career began. 

Draymond is known for his philanthropy, especially in his hometown of Saginaw, where he has donated to various community projects.

Beyond basketball, he has shown interest in business, investing in startups and other ventures. 

He won a gold medal with Team USA at the 2016 Rio Olympics, contributing significantly to the team's success. 

Draymond has a keen interest in fashion, often seen wearing unique and stylish outfits during post-game interviews. 

He hosts a podcast where he discusses sports, culture, and more, showcasing his skills beyond the basketball court.