Promising stocks under $10

Promising stocks under $10 

Are you looking for stocks but don’t want to take much risk, no worries today I am going to share 5 stocks that you can buy under $10.

Here is the list:

  • Gorilla Technology Group Inc. (GRRR)

  • The Real Good Food Company (RGF)

  • Greenidge Generation Holdings Inc. (GREE)

  • Caribou Biosciences, Inc. (CRBU)

  • Hitek Global Inc. (HKIT)

Now we will see price and percentage changes in these stocks.

  1. Gorilla Technology Group Inc. (GRRR)Promising stocks under $10Gorilla Technology is a data analytics company focused on video analytics and cyber security. GRRR’s current price is $4.7. According to my analysis, the stock is expected to reach $8 in August.
    If you want to purchase this stock, take it for at least 2 months.
    Starting from $2.01 last week it has given more than 200% return in 1 month.  Since the listing of the company on NASDAQ, till now the price was continuously falling, now in May and June it has taken support at $1.89. In July itself its return is 300%.
    You can check out GRRR’s website here.

    If you are new to the stock market, I would highly recommend reading this book:

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  2. The Real Good Food Company (RGF)NewsVieww.comAs the name suggests RGF delivers frozen breakfast, entrees, snacks & pizza options in over 16,000 stores.RGF is one of the stocks that can potentially give you a high return. In June and July 2023, it has given 100% return. Till September 2023, it can reach up to $7.50. If it crosses $8 with high volume, the next target of stock will be $12. It can give an ROI of 400%.

    Check out the official website of RGF:

  3. Greenidge Generation Holdings Inc. (GREE)
     NewsVieww.comGREE is a Bitcoin mining and power generation company.The current price of GREE is $5.17 and the price of this stock in mid-June 2023 was $1.65. As the future belongs to cryptocurrency, this stock can give a high ROI. You can keep it for the long term. If it crosses $7.5 in three months, it can touch $10.50.If we see the monthly chart, we can observe whenever it has crossed the last monthly candle, it has returned around 100%.Official website of GREE:
  4. Caribou Biosciences, Inc. (CRBU)
      NewsVieww.comCRBU tests medical treatments based on the gene-editing technique called CRISPR.My recommendation for CRBU:It is my suggestion to buy this stock as it has broken the trend line of the 1 DAY chart. Currently, the price of CRBU is $7.26, expected to touch around $10.7. You can take it once it bounces back to $7.
    The support of CRBU is $6.00. You can buy it at $6.00 if it falls down. Check out the official website of CRBU:
  5. Hitek Global Inc. (HKIT)NewsVieww.comHKIT is consulting and solutions, service provider.

    HKIT stock has formed one of the beautiful formations Double Bottom which signals we can buy it. The current price of this stock is $5.59 and there is a high probability that it will touch $6.80.
    The stock’s next target could be $10.50 if it crosses $7.00 and retest it.

    Official website:

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Now we will see the importance of considering stocks under $10:

  1. Growth Opportunity
  2. High ROI in less time
  3. Affordable and less risky
  4. Learning for newbie

Risks and challenges associated with stocks under $10:

  1. Market volatility and price fluctuations
  2. Liquidity concerns and trading volume
  3. Risk is associated with small companies

What you should check before buying stocks Under $10

  1. Fundamental analysis and research
  2. Keep in mind whether you have to buy stock for the long term or the short term.

You can also check out Youtube for other stocks as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which penny stock can become multi-bagger in 2023?
A. As listed above the probability of these 5 stocks is higher that they can become multi-bagger in 2023.
Q. What are the top 5 penny stocks?
A. Gorilla Technology Group Inc. (GRRR)
The Real Good Food Company (RGF)
Greenidge Generation Holdings Inc. (GREE)
Caribou Biosciences, Inc. (CRBU)
Hitek Global Inc. (HKIT)

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