Interesting facts about lead actress Netflix’s Kim Yoo-Jung

Interesting facts about lead actress Netflix’s Kim Yoo-Jung: Many of you might have heard of Netflix’s new series My Demon. It is an interesting story the lead actor of my demon series is Song Kang and the lead actress is Kim Yoo-jung.

My Demon
My Demon

Today we will see interesting facts about my demon lead actress Kim Yoo-jung.

  • Kim Yoo-jung was born on September 22, 1999. Kim Yoo-jung was born in the capital of South Korea Seoul City.
  • Kim Yoo-Jung has worked on various TV series like Dong Yi, May Queen, Secret Door, and Angry Mom. She has also worked on some of the movies like Commitment and Thread of Life.
  • Kim Yoo-jung’s nickname is Nations little sister She has played various child roles.

Kim Yoo-Jung Instagram:

The bad phase of Kim Yoo-Jung

  • Kim Yoo-Jung was diagnosed with dysfunctions of the thyroid gland in 2018.


  • Kim Yoo-Jung has won many awards including the Asian Artist Awards, Asia Star Awards, Grand Well Awards, KBS Drama Awards, Korea Drama Awards, and Style Icon Asia.

  • Netflix star Kim Yoo-Jung was also featured in Forbes in 2017.

Netflix recent series My Demon is gaining a lot of popularity and is available on Netflix from November 24.

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